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Broadcast media is a wide, ever-expanding territory. Like a forest, it’s filled with an incredible variety of sounds.
Everyday new information comes to life, and it’s pretty hard to keep up.
We offer an advanced digital sonar for all of your media content.

Providing Data

We keep a 24/7 watch on your content, but we automatically detect songs, clips, and advertisements transmitted on a wide variety of broadcasting channels (radio stations, TV channels, streaming websites)

Filtering the White Noise

Using special algorithms, we can detect who, where and when your content was used and provide a detailed report tailored to your specific needs. This allows artists, songwriters, PR agencies, music publishers, record labels to receive accurate personalized reporting across the media

Surgical Precision Quantification

Our advanced tracking program allows us to pinpoint the exact time and date of transmitted adverts with real-time coverage. campaign monitoring, side-by-side comparison between the media plan and current performance and measure the fluctuations in audience and expenditure.

Voice-To-Text, Audio Search Engine

We are proud to offer premium services with our one-of-a-kind voice converter engine. Hence, we are able to supply a variety of end-users in the corporate market, political field, sport industry, tourism, communications and public relations with detailed information on mentioned keywords and insights.

Constant Data Feed

We provide immediate accurate airplay information, playlist reports and top charts, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We do tailor made media research upon customer request. We empower the Media Music Awards, the first international awards of the music industry, completely transparent and incontestable, based on Media Forest reports.

Interactive Visual Radio Player And ``My Playlist`` Generation

We enable listening to Internet radio streams while automatically reporting “What’s Playing Now” and “Last Plays”. We serve a variety of end-users providing them with live data, the option to discover played music, choose loved songs and add them to personalized playlists of YouTube clips.

fully responsive

Personalized and Professional Data Delivery

Our team of highly trained professionals is divided into fields of expertise where each individual member can provide valuable counsel in different areas of broadcast technologies, digital fingerprinting, algorithmic research, cloud-based SaaS development, big-data analytics and more...

Our Skill Set:

  • 24/7 100% Accurate monitoring and recording of audio and audiovisual streams
  • Automatic detection of the media being broadcast and spoken words
  • Personalized, transparent and highly-detailed reports
  • In-app notifications to smartphones upon recognition events
  • Offline scanning and processing of audio recordings repository
  • EPG management / integration with EPG data
  • Cloud-based data storage
  • Music-Speech separation (content classification)
  • Automatic conversion of spoken-words and free speech into searchable text
  • Immediate access to accurate insights, big-data analytics and business intelligence (BI)
  • Real time event based marketing and re-targeting
  • Integration with 3rd party services and apps via API's and plugins











fully responsive

We turn the cacophony of the broadcast media into your personalized symphony

Who We Serve

Music Professionals

Artists, songwriters, public relations, managers, producers, record labels, music publishers, collection societies, etc.


Advertisers, brands, media agencies, media buyers, governmental bodies

Spoken Media

Spokesman, marketing communications, corporate brands, political bodies, sport teams, economic and cultural attaches, business intelligence consultants

Media Analyzers

Journalists, radio / TV programs, airplay charts, music editors and cultural writers

Music Lovers and Fans

Music lovers community enjoy of our visual radio player and “My Playlist” generation


Tailor-made media research and transcription projects


Studios and publishers. Anti-piracy, copyright and infringement protection.

B2B Service Integration

We partner with 3rd parties using our set of advanced APIs

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