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Media Forest monitors, records and identifies content on
  • broadcasting channels (tv, radio, internet radio)
  • streaming services (spotify, youtube, deezer etc.)

Monitoring more than 30,000 channels and growing.

Identifying music, advertisements, cue tones and speech

Reporting real-time and value insights for the music, entertainment and advertising industries.


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World's Channels Coverage

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our coverage

  • TV Stations
  • Radio Stations
  • Internet Radio
  • Spotify new
  • Shoutcast new
  • Radionomy new
  • Spoken Words Mentioning new
  • Youtube we're on it
  • Social Media Mentioning we're on it

Our Core Products

Media Forest
for Artist

Your one stop shop for all your music tracking needs.


Media Forest
for Advertiser

Your one stop shop for all your ads. tracking needs.


Media Forest
for Broadcaster

Your one stop shop for all your channel music & ads. tracking.


Media Forest
for Publisher

Your one stop shop for all your music catalaog rights tracking.


Broadcast Mentioning new

We convert spoken media into searchable text with our real time transcription and analytics tool, enabling access to actual TV/radio media clips based on mentioned keywords

My Broadcast Mentions My Broadcast Gallery

Media Forest API for 3rd Party Apps

  • tv and radio channels detection for second screen apps
  • "bots" interface for smart chatting
  • song detection (shazam like)
  • now playing for web sites radio players
  • now playing for RDS car radio players
  • channel weekly and custome charts
  • and more...